Furiously Fucked

My husband just furiously fucked me. I crawled, naked, into bed with him to take a nap. Before I had even laid down he whispered, barely audible, “I’m going to fuck you now.” Such a simple phrase, yet it had my blood boiling. Before I had time to respond, he was on top of me, thrusting his beautiful cock inside me. He pounded into me and it felt divine. He kissed me passionately, which opened my heart to him because we don’t kiss like that as often as I would like.

He fucked me with a furious passion and right as I was about to climax, he pulled out and buried his face between my thighs. I came all over his face. A couple of times. Then he came up and kissed me, “taste yourself,” he said. I actually enjoyed it. The smell and taste of sex completes the experience.

Afterwards, we went to take a shower. Usually he’ll start the shower while I brush my teeth but today he stood behind me and caressed me. It was raw and sensual the way he rubbed my thighs, ass and hips with the taste of mint in my mouth and his cum dribbling down my leg.  He kissed me deeply again and again.

“I really love it when you kiss me like that,” I told him, in hopes that he would do it more often. He responded by kissing me again.

After some pretty intense kissing, he quickly cleaned himself and got out of the shower. I lingered there, enjoying the hot water cascading down my body. I took the shower head down and changed the setting to something stronger. I masturbated with it and I thought about The Man Who Is Not My Husband. I got as far as grabbing his thick, dark hair and pulling him in for a kiss before I came. Sometimes I’m really glad I’m not a guy because I would suffer from the worst form of premature ejaculation. I fast forwarded the fantasy and thought about him in mid-thrust, head back, grunting. I came again, harder than the first time. I moaned loudly too. I love the acoustics in the shower and I really like the way I sound when I cum.

When I walked into the bedroom, my husband was sprawled on top of the sheets, legs open, balls out, arms over his head, asleep. Glorious in his nudity, I love watching him sleep like that. Someone should make a statue of him in that pose.

Suddenly I’m tired and feel the need for a nap. I feel the need to curl my body up next to my warm husband’s and enjoy the heat and love that emanates from him.


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