In Pursuit of Beer

I went out with a couple of buddies last night. The Jolly Emo Giant wanted to grab a beer after work so Side-Show Bob and I decided to walk over to the bar and meet him. It was slushy and raining. By the time we got to the bar it looked like we had stepped out of the shower. Ugh.

We drank and I coerced questions out of them and it was quite fun. The Man Who is Not My Husband couldn’t make it. He was sick and had a lot of school work to complete. We texted throughout the night, but nothing terribly interesting. Blah.

They’re way more fun when the three of them are there as The Collective.

One thing that happened that bummed me out was when The Jolly Emo Giant was making a ‘joke’ about my husband. I told them there was no way he would leave the kids alone at the house to pick us up, no matter what the weather was like. The Jolly Emo Giant proceeded to to tell my how horrible my husband was and that he deserved to die of cancer and I should have to watch while he withered away and died of cancer. He went on in that vein for a bit and the more he did, the more shocked and horrified Side-Show Bob looked. He actually had tears in his eyes. It turns out that’s exactly how his father died. Way to be tactful Jolly Emo Giant!

Jolly told me, when Side-Show was in the bathroom, that he knew that Side-Show’s father had died, but that he had no idea how. Well, perhaps you could stop making ‘jokes’ about people dying in terrible ways.

After a few beers, we left. In the courtyard outside the bar was a mountain of snow and I tried to climb it. Jolly grabbed me and pulled me off the hill. He didn’t think it was a good idea, even though I thought for sure I could make it to the top. It was only 12′ high or so. Anyway, I ended up slipping and falling. The guys helped me up but I really hurt my arm. My ass was also soaked because it was so wet.

We walked about a quarter of the way home before I realized I didn’t have my cell phone. Jolly went back (he can walk much faster because he’s a huge giant) and Side-Show and I followed. Luckily it was where I had fallen and it wasn’t too worse for the wear.

We all trudged home in the rain, with sopping feet and soaked jeans. It made for a fun night. Side-Show ended up spending the night on the couch because it was too long of a walk back to his place in the sludge. I tossed him a pair of my husband’s pyjama pants.

The best part, this morning my little one stood over him and asked, “why are you wearing my daddy’s pants?”


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