The Truth

I am a terrible liar. And it’s just as well, since I don’t believe in telling lies. I don’t lie to myself and refuse to live on the shallow outskirts of life

I don’t undertand how people can lie to themselves either. I know where I stand in my life. I know why I am here and the events that brought me to this place. I don’t subscribe to a false sense of happiness, living a shallow existence, floating on the surface and fearing confrontation.

How can you grow as a person unless you confront yourself at every turn? Question why you maintain certain beliefs? Why do you stay in a situation that makes you unhappy? Why do you fear change? What would happen if you actually faced those fears that you’re terrified of confronting? Breakup? Divorce? Spiritual Crisis? I call bullshit. If you’re unhappy, change your situation. It’s that easy. Are you miserable? Why? What would make you happy right now.

‘I don’t know,’ is the worst answer. Think about it. You do know. You just don’t want to face it.

I face my truth. It might be scary, but I face it nonetheless.

My truth is that I have a beautiful family that I love more than life itself and I want more. I want to uproot my entire family and move them across the country because I don’t think I could spend another winter in Greyopolis.

I have a husband whom I love dearly, but who I am terrified will not join me on my moving endeavour. It terrifies me because I have no problems leaving him behind if he refuses to grow as a person and broaden his horizons.

Someone told me that this was selfish.

So what? Why can’t I be selfish? Why shouldn’t I be the happiest I can be so that my children can see a happy, lively mother instead of a mopey depressed one?

Face your fears. Follow your own truths.


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