A Vigorous 4am

Yesterday, before I left for work, I spoke to my husband, in a non-sexual way, about him putting his hands on my neck when we have sex. I’m not talking about choking, but just some light pressure around my neck.

His immediate response was no.

“No. We are not talking about this right now.”

“Look, I’m not asking you to choke me,”

“I don’t want to talk about this.”

He shivered in disgust and ended the conversation. I was a little disappointed because I was really curious to try it, but I didn’t push him either. I might have though, if I wasn’t already late for work.

Last night however, during a 4am fuckfest, he obliged.*

He put his hands around my neck while he was pounding into me and I all but came instantly. He also grabbed my hands and shoved them under his knees so I couldn’t use them. It was so sexy. I had so many orgasms yesterday.**                         He kept moving his hands lower on my neck, so his thumbs were on my collar bone. I had to show him that I wanted his whole hand around my neck. Lightly though, no real pressure.

Our sex is becoming more intense. My husband is definitely listening more because he’s kissing me, much more frequently, the way I need to be kissed; deep and with longing. Kissing to taste me, to swallow me into him. He’s actually quite a passionate lover, bless his soul. I love the feel of his warm body on top of mine, thrusting and taking. I love giving myself up to him. I can’t believe sex could get any better, but it just keeps blowing my mind. Dearest Husband, I love you so much.

*Note to self: stop staying up so late because waking up with the kids after minimal hours of sleep, especially when we have to change the clocks and lose an hour of precious sleep really, really sucks.
**I think we need to stop having sex for a while though. Two days ago, after we had sex I started spotting. Nothing too much, just enough that I was concerned. After checking with some of the ladies I work with, this is normal and they told me to just give it a few days. Well, yesterday it was just tapering off, but after last night’s vigorous fuck, I’m afraid it’s back. It’s bright red and there’s more of it today than there was a few days ago. I’m a little crampy, too. I know it’s not my period because it just finished last week.

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