I Think We Should Just Be Friends.

I am terrible at keeping secrets. Even my own. I tried to create this blog as a secret from my friends so that I could write whatever I wanted, about whoever I wanted and not be afraid of hurting any feelings. That lasted all of about one day. I feel that keeping secrets is akin to lying so it just rubs me the wrong way to have (what I consider) this great blog and not be able to share it with my friends.

To me, this begs the question, what is friendship? What is friendship to me that I wanted to write a blog and not have my friends see it?

As a judgmental person, I guess wanted to be able to write what I think about them without holding back. The things they do that bother or annoy me. The way they choose to live their lives and the things I would do differently if I were them. However, I know that they would take these ridiculous judgments too personally. Their feelings would be hurt, or they might feel awkward about knowing exactly what I think. This is silly to me, because no matter what judgments I make, I love each of my friends dearly. And really, if everyone lived the life I wanted them to live, it would be a pretty boring life.

There’s also that old saying, ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’

Friends are steadfast and loyal. A friend is there for you when you need someone to share a good laugh or cry with.

They listen to you whine about your miserable life (which really isn’t miserable at all) and stand by your side when you’re facing your problems. A friend will hug you when you’re feeling anxious and give you advice that you’ll probably end up ignoring.

They’ll bake you cupcakes for your birthday (and wedding, and game night or any occasion, really) and never ask for anything in return.

A friend will clean out your disgusting fridge while you sit and watch because you’re too pregnant to do it yourself. A friend will also offer to trim your pubic hair when you’re too pregnant to do it yourself.

A friend will give you a place to stay when you’re feeling destitute.

A friend will keep you company in the shower so you don’t get bored, and not care about seeing your beautiful, curvy body in the glorious nude.

A friend will rescue you and whisk you away from the situation that is making you cry.

Friends are the one’s you envy, cherish and love. They hold your heart and your dreams and your hand.

I love my friends.





2 responses to “I Think We Should Just Be Friends.

  1. I created my blog for the same reasons. Like yourself, I couldn’t keep it a complete secret. So far, including my husband, 4 people from my innermost circle know, and they love it. I say start with your most least judgmental friend, and see how it goes.

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