Only Boring People Get Bored

Life can get pretty boring if you let it. You grow up, you get a ‘real’ job and suddenly there’s no more party. Going out on a Friday night takes too much effort. You’re more comfortable snuggled up on the couch than drinking yourself into a coma. You wake up, go to work (probably a job you find mediocre at best), come home, eat supper, relax on the couch. Go to bed. Wake up, go to work…with the possibility of some sex thrown in, it still seems pretty boring.

I find myself wondering why, though. Why do we let ourselves fall into the trap of being boring? Staying up late, drinking and then waking up early for work definitely sucks and eventually takes its toll. If you did it every night you could easily find yourself on the wrong side of a paycheque. Once in a while though, what’s wrong with getting all dolled up, going out with a group of friends (and your spouse if you can get a babysitter) and just rocking the night? Making out with a girlfriend to throw a little excitement into the mix. Or whatever it is that you find exciting.

People fall into these ruts all the time and then wonder why they’re depressed.

Once you get established in your life it’s so easy to fall into complacency and mislabel it as ‘responsible.’ My husband talks about responsibility a lot. It bothers me though because his idea of responsible and my idea of responsible are very different.

That’s why I am encouraging everyone to go out and do something completely outside their norm. If you never go out drinking, go out and see what it’s like. Go to a fetish club. Enter a chess tournament. Find a public place to make out it (or better yet, have sex in). Take a scrapbooking class. Go naked sledding. Do something! The more interesting the better!

Get your blood flowing, make yourself feel young again. Don’t let yourself stay stuck in that rut!


One response to “Only Boring People Get Bored

  1. I love reading your posts! And I totally agree with this idea. I refuse to become a boring person. I refuse to let a world full of experiences slip away without trying nearly everything. New foods, new music, dance classes, team sports, books I have never read, fascinating foreign films, traveling…and on and on. Last year, when I was super depresssed and hated life, I forgot all of this. Now I am living again. For everything.

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