A Really Gross Story

If you take this for what it’s worth, it’s a pretty funny story. At least, I think it’s hilarious.

The summer I was pregnant with 3/3, my husband and I went to a wedding that was out of town. We were staying at the hotel with another couple (friends of ours) and two of my husband’s friends. After the ceremony, we all went back to the hotel.

My husband was tired and wanted to nap, but I knew that if I fell asleep then, I would never be able to make it to the reception a few hours later. I wanted to go for a swim but my husband just wanted to cuddle up in the bed. I tried to set the alarm on his phone, and in aggravation he threw it across the room.

Insulted, I got up and decided I was going for a swim. I went over to the phone and called down to our friends to see if they wanted to meet me at the pool.

At this point in the story, I should mention that I had recently told my husband that I wanted him to get more rough in the bedroom. I specifically meant some light face slapping during sex but I suppose it wasn’t made clear enough when I had only said, “I want you to get rough with me.”

As I was on the phone making arrangements to go down to the pool, my husband walked over with a huge erection, slapped me across the face much harder than I had anticipated he ever would, and hung up the phone. I was in shock and started to half cry, half laugh. He picked me up out of the chair and lifted me onto the desk. He started kissing me as tears streamed down my face. I was only half protesting as he nuzzled his way down my neck.

Then, like a barbarian, he picked me up off the desk and carried me to the bed.

“Seriously, that really hurt my face,” I tried to tell him.

He tossed me onto the bed. “Sorry, now shut up.”

He threw himself on top of me and ate my pussy. My juices were all over his face and then he kissed me. He smeared my juices all over my face and then fucked me. It was incredible. Pregnant sex usually was pretty amazing.

Afterward, I figured that I didn’t need to clean up because I was going down to the pool. I met my friends in the elevator with a hand  print and my own pussy juices on my face. Not that big of a deal…except that the elevator stops on the main floor, where one of our friend’s parents were checking in at the hotel. They came over and gave us all the usual french-style, kiss-on-both cheeks greeting.  I was laughing so hard because it was pretty gross.

I was also mortified. I left as quickly as I could to get in the pool to wash myself off.


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