Why Do I Love My Husband?

MadEye and I were talking once, and I asked her why she loved her husband. She just said, “I don’t know,” and then she asked me why I love my husband.

What a good question.

I love my husband because he’s a good man. He makes me want to be a better person. He makes me feel sexy and never makes fun of me. He embraces me as I am. He’ll buy me books instead of flowers and he rubs my naked body all the time. He likes his sex about as dirty as I do, but he has no problem making love to me when I need it.*  He never judges me for my tastes because he has his own. He admires beautiful women with me. (Well, he leers at them more than I do, but that’s alright because he’s a man.)

I love the way he’s built, physically. I love the way he smells. I love him because he always tries to be a good person, in everything that he does, and that makes me aspire to be more as well.

He doesn’t like drinking alcohol and I find that endearing. (It also makes him my personal DD!)

I love him because I can tell him all the dumb, disgusting things I’ve ever done or the crazy things I want to do and he accepts and loves me all the same. I can tell him my hopes and fears of the future and we both have a similar idea of how our marriage works and we’ve drawn the lines on what works for us.

He’s open-minded and full of life.

He’s a wonderful father and the provider for our family.

He makes me feel emotionally supported and, most importantly, loved.

I was feeling down today and all I wanted was a hug. He’s at work, so I settled for taking his clothes out of the dryer and smelling them. I know I can count on him. It’s sad but I miss him. He’s working evening shifts all week so I haven’t been seeing much of him.

We’re going to see a councillor on Friday for some issues that we’ve been having. For all that I love my husband, he’s not without faults. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my own faults either, but we both agree that we need some help. I think it will be good for us to talk to someone about what’s going on in our relationship. He doesn’t like talking badly about me to anyone, which is nice, but that doesn’t leave much room for me when he’s upset.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to Friday. I think it’ll be really good for us.



*In my world, there are 3 different kinds of sex. 1) Sex – just gettin’ it on. Most people have sex with their significant other’s. 2) Fucking – rougher than having sex. Can include but is not limited dirty talking, tying up, spanking, spontaneous public fucking etc. 3) Making love. I would hope that this is self explanatory.


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