My Electric Tooth Brush, Orgasms and Squirting

I was pregnant with my third child before I had my very first orgasm. And it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying. I had (and still have) a huge selection of toys, creams, lubes, anal beads etc that we had tried but nothing ever came of it. I always figured we had a good sex life, I just figured I’d never be able to orgasm.

On a number of occasions, the sex was so intense that it would culminate in me weeping. My husband (then-boyfriend) would hold me while I experienced my sobbing release, but the orgasm continued to evade me.

At some point, we both just gave up. It wasn’t a conscious decision, it just sort of happened. We still had (what I considered) amazing sex and our lives carried on.

A couple of years ago, I met up with an old high school friend and we got to talking. During the conversation the topic of sex came up, as it tends to do when I’m chatting and I mentioned my inability to orgasm. She told me that I should try using an oral-b electric tooth brush. I laughed. The idea was absurd. Really? A toothbrush?

Ironically enough, later that summer while I was visiting my mother’s, she had a pile of oral-b electric toothbrushes that she had gotten on sale at the grocery store.

“Hey mom, do you mind if I take one of these?”

“Go for it.”

I took it home, put it in the basket under my sink and forgot about it for a couple of weeks.

Then one afternoon while my husband and I were having particularly exciting sex, I told him I wanted to try to the toothbrush. It’s not like I had anything to lose.

I assumed the doggy position (when you’re that pregnant it’s the only position that’s actually comfortable) and while my husband took me from behind, I used the toothbrush. At first I felt like I always did, I mean, it was fun but, nothing was happening.

Then all of a sudden I started to feel warm all over. I felt my cheeks flush and everything just felt incredible. I came so hard that my husband came too. That’s right, we came together, just like in the movies. Ha!

I couldn’t believe it. On a whim I had tried the toothbrush and it worked. I was ecstatic. I was orgasmic! My husband laughed because the first thing I did was grab my journal to write about the experience. (I would post an excerpt but I can’t find the journal right now.) Then I grabbed my phone and texted my sister (who lived 5 hours away at the time) and my best friend. This was a moment to celebrate!

Everyone was happy for me, including my husband. I was euphoric for the rest of the day and probably into the next.

The next day, while my husband was at work, I had some alone time. There was a secret part of me that wondered if I’d be able to orgasm by myself, or ever again. I was terrified that it would only be the one time. I did what any normal person would do when plagued with thoughts like these; I masturbated.

I was feeling particularly horny so I sat on my husbands side of the bed and used a small butt plug. While I was grinding on that, I used the toothbrush on my clit. (Now, I’ve had a few people ask what, exactly, I do with the toothbrush, so I thought I’d enlighten you. I put a couple of drops of lube on the bristles, and ‘brush’ my clit. I don’t find it too rough, in fact, it’s still my go-to toy. )

Once again, I found myself feeling warmer and my cheeks flushing. My toes curled and before I knew it, I felt like my insides were gushing forth. I came harder than I had the day before. I soaked my husband’s side of the bed. Twice. I mean, I had heard about squirting before, but I never imagined that I would be capable of doing it, considering I had only had my first orgasm the day before.

I called my husband immediately to inform him that I had to wash our sheets due to my new squirting ability. He laughed and told me that he couldn’t wait to see me do it.

Now I feel like I have a premature ejaculation ‘problem’. I can cum at the drop of a hat. When he plays with my nipples, I cum. When he kisses down my neck (if he does it for long enough) I cum. Every time we have sex I cum at least a couple of times. I love it, and I’m trying to learn to prolong it. Sometimes it’s over way too quickly. There’s always a mess to clean up, but if that’s the price I have to pay to have orgasms, it’s more than worth it.

No matter what though, the orgasms I have with myself are always the most intense.


4 responses to “My Electric Tooth Brush, Orgasms and Squirting

  1. try taking the head of the toothbrush off. just push the bottom pretty hard with your thumb and it reveals a small vibrating metal stem that doesn’t hurt one bit to rub on you and it feels AMAZING. I was elated when I discovered i could remove the bristle head.

  2. Lol. I use a toothbrush and I have been trying to squirt. And finally I did. I had been close before but I closed my legs stood up straight and after 5 seconds I was squirting. I though I peed at first but nope. It was just me squirting.

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