Call Me A Bleeding Heart

I was in my car today, on my way home from my mother’s house and as I got on the high way I saw a hitchhiker. My first instinct was to stop and pick her up. I’ve never picked up a hitchhiker before, but I’ve always wanted to. I guess the thing that stopped me was that I had my children in the car. I don’t care if I pick up a hitchhiker and they stab me to death, just as long as it’s not in front of my children.

It reminded me of the time I picked up a stray dog and my husband got so angry. I had been at the dog park with 2/3 and we decided to go pick up some hot chocolate. As I turned into the restaurant, I noticed a dog wandering along the street. I quickly parked the car and took my dog out. I walked over and noticed that the dog was pretty mangy. It’s one eye was crusted shut and it was limping because it looked like it’s leg had been broken and never set.

As a bleeding heart, I couldn’t not help this poor dog. I introduced my dog to make sure they would get along. I have a shepherd/husky who gets intensely hyper and I wouldn’t want them to get rowdy or playful. They got along fine, so I put my dog in the back seat with 2/3 and put the dog in the front seat. I called my husband to ask him if he knew how to get to the Humane Society.

“I can’t believe you put a stray dog in the car with our child!”

“The stray dog is in the front seat, 2/3 and our dog are in the back!”

He was so mad. He didn’t end up giving me directions. I called MadEye and she was surprised (as was I) that my husband was so upset. She gave me the directions and  I went and dropped off the dog. The dog was so sweet. He ended up sitting on my lap as I drove.

When I got home, my husband was infuriated. He told me I was irresponsible and out of my mind that I would bring a stray dog into the car with our children.

“What kind of a dog was it!?”

“…a rottweiler.”

I’m glad my husband is not a violent man because if he was, I swear he would have beaten me. The look on his face terrified me. I think that might have been the angriest I’ve ever seen him.

I didn’t care though, because I knew I had done the right thing. I didn’t think what I had done was irresponsible at all. I made sure the dogs got along and I didn’t leave the stray dog alone with my child.

In any event, that’s what I thought about when I saw the hitchhiker. I thought about how I could have been easily murdered. Or if not, that my husband would murder me for putting our children at unnecessary risk.

I always feel bad when I drive by a hitchhiker. I just feel like there’s no reason for me to not help someone out while they’re on their journey. If I was in need of a ride and tried to hitchhike I would want someone to stop.



One response to “Call Me A Bleeding Heart

  1. Haha good to hear (read) I often hitchike around my local area. One time I met this cool old guy who was going to pick up his son, he let me share some of his joint haha.

    (smoking and driving is dangerous and irresponsible, et and ceteraa)

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