9 Things That Disgruntle Me About The Blogosphere

I am far from perfect in my writing. However, when I blog, I do my best to ensure everything is spelled properly and that my grammar isn’t too terrible.

People who can’t be bothered to spell things properly, or feel like writing novels of inane drivel, that contain little to no punctuation, drives me insane.

I love checking out the Tag Surfer button on the dashboard. I’ve found a lot of the blogs that I’m currently following through that nifty little feature. It’s also shown me tons of garbage blogs. Honestly, if you can’t spell, or at least have the courtesy to add punctuation to your blogs, please make them private. Save us all from the horrors of your English language slaying lolspeak.

Here is a list of other things that disgruntle me.

1) When people can’t make the effort to capitalize the beginning of blog posts.

2) People who can’t make the effort to spell ‘thru’ through, ‘2’ two, or any of the ‘they’, ‘their’,  ‘they’re”s, and ‘your’ or ‘you’re’.

3) People who don’t know that there’s an ‘enter/return’ button at the end of their pinky finger, thus leaving us with one giant block paragraph (and sometimes, with little, to no, punctuation) to wade through.

4) People who blather on about Jesus Christ and God’s love. Why do you need to blog about it? Isn’t there a book out there, I’m pretty sure it’s called THE BIBLE, that talks about it enough?

5) People who write one sentence.

6) People who lament, but refuse to say what is going on exactly. Why bother blogging if you can’t say explain the situation that is making you upset enough to blog in the first place?

7) People who only post pictures.

8 ) Spammers.

9) People who number all their blog posts. Really, why would you number every blog post? LAME.

Here’s  a little reference guide: (I pulled most of this from dictionary.com)

2 – a number

to – preposition, used for expressing motion or direction toward a point,person, place, or thing approached and reached,

as opposedto from ): They walked to the house

too – adverb, in addition; also; furthermore; moreover. Young, clever, and rich too. There is too much mayo on this sandwich.

they – They went for a walk.

their – Their house, their dog, their sex toys. It belongs to them.

they’re – a contraction of they are, THEY ARE being ridiculous, they’re being ridiculous

a lot – very many, a large number; also, very much. You wouldn’t write alittle, so don’t write alot. e.g. There are a lot of idiots in the blogosphere.

alot – IS NOT A WORD.


9 responses to “9 Things That Disgruntle Me About The Blogosphere

  1. lol I suppose I don’t spend enough time digging around through the eocean to find this stuff.

    With regards to the punctuation though, have you read On The Road? If not, then I suggest you find ‘the original scroll’ version online and give it a perusal.. I don’t know, you might find it interesting.

  2. THANK YOU!!! I’ve been meaning to post something like this. I truly dislike people who have something to say, and then write it “like dis. U kno wat I mean?”

  3. I’m with you on that. Life’s too short to attempt the unreadable.
    Another peeve is the use of the word effect when the writer meant affect – or vice versa.

  4. I cant understand how you people can be so closed minded. At the end of the day are blogs/journals/diary not just extensions of one’s own attitude towards them?
    Ok, i will admit that punctuation is some what important, as it aids in the communication of an idea.
    HOWEVER, some of the points mentioned are simply subjective.
    #4) Ok, again, how people choose to utilize this medium is entirely up to them. I might argue that your level of intolerance is far worse than the stereotypical Christan approach. Furthermore, some might say that your posts on sexuality are without justification, as there are COUNTLESS books on this, starting with Kinsey’s

    #5,6,7) Again, how one decides to use a blog is entirely subjective. How would you respond to someone telling you how to formulate your posts?

    #9) Really???….. Numbering posts is “Lame”
    I mean really? Something about chronological order bothers you?

    And finally, Alot is not a word, that is true, but it will be! Language is an ever changing body, that is being held back by linguistic Luddites such as your self. “Internet” was not a word 20 years ago, but we adapted the meanings of existing words to properly convey a new subject. countless other examples of this exist!

    Long story short, don’t be so narrow minded as to assume that your use of this media is the only acceptable one. Now, prove to me that there is room for other opinions in your environment and post this in your comments.

  5. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone, least of all you. These are things that bother me, and I made a post about them. On MY blog. It’s not like I wrote a definitive guide and I am wildly popular so that I can influence the masses.


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