You Are Loved

A sappy love post.

When I woke up this morning to snow, I almost cried. I also woke up with a tummy ache. It seemed like I had a pretty bad case of the Monday Blah’s. Until I sat down to breakfast with my kids.

My eldest had just left for school and I had opened my computer to put on Josh Groban. My kids adore him and let’s not lie to ourselves, I love him too. His music is so pure. (I’m actually going to his concert July!)

I put on the song You Are Loved, and my 3-year-old Bean started singing along with him. It’s so adorable to hear a 3-year-old sing ‘you are loved.’ My son, sitting in his high chair, eating his cheerio’s started to dance.

“I love Jwosh Goban,” she said to me, “and I love you, too.” My heart melted. (I also love the way she can’t quite pronounce his name, it’s so endearing.) My little Bean climbed up in my lap and looked me in the eyes while she sang to me that I am loved. It made the snow a little less depressing, and subsided my tummy ache.

It was a Josh Groban morning and it just brightened my whole day.

In most of the trials and tribulations of my life, I have to admit, I’ve always known that I am loved. I have 3 beautiful children that love me, a wonderful husband whom I cherish, that loves me very deeply. My parents and siblings love me. I have to say it’s a feeling I don’t appreciate enough. No matter how bad things get, I have a great support system. Not that things ever get that terrible, mostly because I won’t let them. But it’s nice to know.

And now it’s all falling apart. My Bean is tired of Josh, and is being whiny. My son is getting antsy in his high chair and  squawking to get out.

Well, it was a wonderful moment that I enjoyed thoroughly, even if it was only fleeting.





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