Eleven Texts From Last Night

I woke up this morning to some texts that rocked my day.

The Man Who Is Not My Husband, who hasn’t been seen for the better part of a month (due to his school studies), went out with rest of The Collective last night. They invited me to join them, but I was tired and didn’t feel like walking over to the bar. There was lots of texting and part of me really wished that I had gone out, however, I really needed to get to bed.

The last exchange of texts, as I went to bed, was with The Man Who Is Not My Husband, discussing sushi.

I woke up to 11 texts from him! ELEVEN!

“Pax Romanorum. Just as there was a pact between goths and civilized romans, there is a pact between the all-loving idiot and the civilized man who knows the limits of benevolence. Emo and Side-Show are the former, I am the latter. You will undoubtedly tell them I’ve said this, it’s in your transparent nature, but I hope you’ll understand that the nature of man is the survival of the weak at the expense of the strong. This is the democratic ideal, that no man should be encouraged to be great, that one man’s efforts should only compensate for his neighbour’s inadequacy.

On person’s ability should be allowed to benefit him as it will, as it always has, and be bent to benefit everyone aside from him or her self. Emo and Side-Show would never see the benefits of absolute freedom of human ingenuity, and curb human ambition to mediocrity, the residuals going to the ‘less fortunate’ who make their own poverty by inaction and negligence. Man can never hope to evolve unless he is free to reach skyward by his own inertia, and let the example benefit mankind.

Ironically, you are the only person I think is still capable of reasonable, relatively objective evaluation. We shall see what your arguments make of contemporary politics and sociology.”


I think societal infrastructure needs to be completely overhauled. First, I think, we would need to get rid of all politicians. Seeking of power, to me, just seems ludicrous. Other than benefiting the seeker of said power, what does it do to better the masses? Nothing.

(It’s incredibly difficult to put my thoughts together on this when my kids are whining and screaming.)

We need to implement new ideas on how to live better, how to live more sustainably, how to enjoy life more. Make room for more pleasure and not demand so much work from the simple man or woman. There needs to be a shift in our thinking, and more towards a working community lifestyle than an ‘every man for himself’ mentality.

Until a shift like this can take place (assuming it ever did), we will continue to be held to today’s standard of living, which is boring. It doesn’t help make anyone strive for anything greater than a ‘good’ job that brings in enough money to make a living. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get a job that allows you some disposable income so you can have lots of ‘things’. Useless, materialistic things.

I love waking up to random texts, and these were pretty intense. I would prefer to have this conversation with him in person, (of course!) and I most likely will. But I wonder how any of these ideas can make a difference when the one’s who are in power (the government) are still in power.




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