What Is Love, Baby Don’t Hurt Me…

I really like to use the ‘Tag Surfer’ option on the dash board. It bring up lots of different blogs that I can sort through and enjoy. One thing, that I like reading about is love. Everyone has a different perspective and it’s always interesting (and a lot of the times sad) to see what others have to say about it.

People who have been hurt too many times don’t believe in it. People who have a significant other celebrate it.

I feel though, that love gets a bad rap. I mean, love is not fickle, love is not tenuous, love is not fleeting. Love is pure. Love is all-encompassing. Love is, well, love.

Beyond all else, love is simple. It’s people that make it complicated.

Love is such a beautiful thing, and it’s there to be felt, enjoyed and shared.

Don’t give up, people. Love is all around you. You just need to open yourself up to it.

How can you ever experience true love if you’ve never experienced heart ache? Sometimes you need to go through some pretty tough shit to come out a better person on the other side, more ready to open yourself up to love.

My favourite love story is The Notebook. Typical and cheesy, I know. But it’s such a great example of love enduring. It’s a sweet love story that is tragic and beautiful. It also makes for a truly cathartic cry. That’s right, I watch that movie when I feel the need for a cathartic cry. The last time I watched it, my husband held me while I sobbed my eyes out. Luckily for him it’s not often.

I love love stories.

Another favourite of mine is The Terminator. That’s right. I consider it a love story. When Kyle and Sarah are in the hotel room, he confesses, “I came across time for you Sarah, I love you. I always have.” Of course there’s lots of explosions and action going on, but at the heart of it, he went back in time to become the father of her child who would lead the rebellion against the machines. The love part was simple, it’s everything else that got in the way.

If you’re feeling sad or lonely, go out with friends and enjoy the simplicity of good people. If you don’t have friends, go out and make some. You’ll gain new experience and maybe make a best friend out of it. Friends love to and while it might not be the romantic love you’re looking for, give love a chance.

Go hug your lover and feel that moment deep in your heart. Revel in it.

Take the word ‘hate’ out of your vocabulary. Hate is a very strong word and can cause a lot of damage.

Make peace with yourself. It doesn’t do the world much good when most of the people in it hate themselves. Try loving yourself. It’s really not such a bad thing. If you sit around despising everything about yourself then you’re definitely not opening yourself up to love.

Go outside and feel the sunshine on your face and be grateful that you’re alive and have the freedom to enjoy the fresh air.

Love life!

Don’t give up, love is there, you just have to see it and not make it so complicated.


2 responses to “What Is Love, Baby Don’t Hurt Me…

  1. Lol…you’ve been reading my blog, haven’t you? ๐Ÿ˜‰ You could have been writing this advice just for me. Still, I’m over the love thing. Love sucks. It is way overrated, and for me, just gets in the way of enjoying life. I won’t censor the word “hate,” from my vocabulary, either. I spent way too many years focusing on the positive, cheery, sunny stuff that I forgot how to express myself, even when “hate” was the right word for the time. One day, I hope I won’t have to use the word as much as today. But for now, I “hate” love.

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