The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side

My husband is mad at me. He thinks I go to bed too late. I don’t see why it’s his problem. Earlier this week I made plans to go out with The Collective. We went out last night (minus The Man Who Is Not My Husband), had a couple drinks, had a delightful time and then walked home.

It was 2am.

My husband is really annoyed by this because he thinks it’s ridiculous to go out for drinks on a Wednesday night. Because he thinks it’s stupid, it must be stupid by everyone’s standard.

I had made plans to go out with my friends (including The Collective) last weekend but our family got hit with the flu that’s been going around. I haven’t been out, socially, in a while. I also work evenings this weekend so it’s not like I’ll be going out at all. I am a social creature and I like going out.

It’s not as if I go out every night. If I was frequently going out and coming home drunk, I could totally understand my husband’s ire. I didn’t even get drunk last night.

Usually on days that my husband has off work I make plans (and forget to tell him until the last minute) to go out and leave him with the kids. Not for very long, usually an hour or two at most. It’s not fair because I don’t let him know ahead of time.

Three days ago I told my husband that I wanted to go out today. I figured it would be nice to give him notice and we could make plans around it. He was pretty upset. He told me that he wanted to go out at the exact same time that I was going out and why was I allowed to go and he wasn’t. Oh yeah, and it’s a waste of gas. Ugh. Just writing this sounds so fucking petty. He’s being a child and it’s really pissing me off. If he had made plans to go out, I wouldn’t say a word about. I’d tell him to have a good time and enjoy himself.

He’s been going off Effexor, and when he’s not on it he gets really spiteful and pissy. He went on it for anxiety and rage. It makes me nervous because he’s always on edge. He started Wellbutrin last Sunday and, so far, he’s still a miserable baby. I have no patience for pissy people, especially when I live with them.

I told him a while ago that I was going to stop doing his laundry.
His response; “Then I’m going to stop going to work.”

Um, excuse me? I’m incredibly behind on my laundry and I have a hard time keeping up with 5 people’s dirty clothes, on top of endless housework that I detest doing. I told him it would help me out a lot if he could do his own laundry.

“But that’s your job while  I’m at work. You’re  home all day, you can do it.”

My husband and I have often discussed wanting to be in the other’s shoes. If I could bring in the kind of money that he is to support our family, I would rather be out working. He would rather be at home looking after the kids and the house. We just have no feasible way to do that right now.

He’s sleeping upstairs and I want to go up there and throttle his neck and yell, “stop being such a baby!”

If only it were that simple to get someone to see your point of view. Just throttle them and yell in their face and see if that would make them change their  mind.





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