Friends and Strangers

My husband and I made up after yesterday. We spent the day together with friends and then went out for a date night. It was really nice. We went to see Red Riding Hood, which was a pretty good movie.

After the movie, we went over to the book store. I was looking in the romance section for a really good, sappy read. Sometimes I love a trashy romance. I picked out a book I thought I would enjoy and was asking my husband if he would purchase it for me.


As I was about to list the reasons why he should buy it for me, a woman stepped in and started listing off the reasons for me.

“It’s fun, it’s easy, you can read them pretty fast,” she paused, like she was thinking about something, and then said, “and the sex is hot.”

I completely agreed. My husband hugged me close and told her that we were an incredibly chaste couple and insisted we’ve only had sex three times, one for each child we have. She told us that she has three children too, and we all laughed.

She then apologized for being drunk and asked me what I like to read. She then proceeded to drag me through the romance, fantasy and fiction sections, pulling out books and handing them to me as she went. She was hilarious. She told us at least three times that her husband was coming to pick her up, because she was on weight watchers and she hadn’t been drinking for a while, so she was pretty drunk.

I thought it was awesome. I ended up picking one of the books that she suggested and put the rest back. I read a quarter of it last night before bed and I have to say, I’m glad I chose it.

It was sexy enough to get my blood boiling right before bed. Unfortunately my husband was too tired to have sex again, having exerted himself already for a power fuck before dinner. It had to be fast because we were expecting some friends. He woke me up from a nap by kissing me. He power fucked me. It was a pretty intense.

Luckily we were done just before our friends showed up.

They are sisters and one of them had had an operation on her hand. They’re great people and I love them both. I took them upstairs and let them rummage through my bag ‘o toys that I got from the Ye Olde Sex Shoppe. We were allowed to raid the ‘defectives’ bin. As long as we don’t mind a few quirks or can switch out caps from the same to toys, we were allowed to take whatever was left before they all went into the garbage.

It was fun. Then last minute my husband and I decided to go to the movies so we asked the sisters if they could watch the kids. The one who had the operation was too tired and went home, but the other sister stayed to put the kids to bed so we could go. It was incredibly generous of her, especially at the last minute.





One response to “Friends and Strangers

  1. Power fuck! I love it. It’s like a power lunch. Hard hitting, in-and-out and you’re left satisfied as ever. Almost as intense as a hate fuck. Almost.

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