The Divine Orgasm

I’ve been reading up on orgasms over at wiki and I find the whole process fascinating.

I find that the orgasms I have with my husband are different than the orgasms I have when I’m masturbating. I mean, I have some pretty intense orgasms with my husband, but it’s completely different on my own.

They are more intense, more heated, more pulling-of-your-butt-muscles clenching. I also find that I only squirt when there’s g-spot stimulation involved.

I usually like lots of vaginal, clitoral and anal stimulation (stainless steel butt plug anyone?) and that’s good for some fully body orgasms. The more stimulation, the more intense the orgasm. I blame that on my inner hedonist. MORE PLEASURE!

Lately, though, I’ve only been stimulating my clit and the orgasms have bee so intense. I’ve been able to prolong the lead up to the actual climax. Normally I cum in under half a minute, including the lead up and actual orgasm. However, the last couple of times I’ve masturbated, I’ve been able to prolong it to 5, once even 10 minutes. It makes the orgasm feel so much more  acute.

Sexciting, no?

I’ve been looking into some kama sutra books, but I’m not interested in the North Americanized ones. The ones that are simplified and don’t cover the spirituality part of the sex. I don’t want a ‘positions’ book, I want an everything book. I want the kama sutra that explains why you do the positions, how you honour your partner and deity and connect with the divine through orgasm.

What could be more spiritual than having an orgasm? You go to a different place, a different head space. It’s kind of like meditating, only it feels way more incredible. You connect with the divine (whatever that may be to you) and you bliss out. I can’t believe I missed out on it for so long.

I love feeling that first flush of heat. I love feeling it as it spreads to my cheeks, tinting them with a rosy glow, as it travels down to my fingertips. I love the build up of sensation, the sensation that ends up overpowering and overwhelming your mind until it blows past all reason. That moment is when you when you truly connect to the divine.

Ah, orgasm. The final release. La petite mort.




One response to “The Divine Orgasm

  1. You are looking for the spiritual side of the orgasm; and your blogpost comes very close, but you will find exactly what you are looking for in tantric practice. You don’t have to be Buddhist. Been there, doing that.

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