My grandmother has been in the hospital for over a week now. She was put in isolation two days ago because one of the many doctors that’s seen her thinks she may have TB. Which means I had to drag all three kids and my husband to the doctor’s office yesterday to get tested for it. It is incredibly unlikely that it is TB, but we have to check just to be sure.

I’m annoyed right now at the whole situation.

It’s a pissy, raining day today and I’ve been staying up late for the last week while my sister was in town visiting. Therefor today I am incredibly grumpy. Not last night but the night before I stayed up until 5am watching Grey’s Anatomy with my sister and my husband. My husband ended up staying up all night because he drove my sister to the airport at 7:30am yesterday morning.

Today I want to spend all day huddled on the couch under a giant pile of blankets watching movies. I might actually do that while I work on the laundry. I wonder if my mom would take the kids today…

It’s a case of the Monday blahs but it’s Wednesday… blah..I’m updating my blahg.  Ha Ha get it?


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