What the fuck?

I had a beer. A giant monster beer. Tried to come home and fuck my husband, who has no interest in fucking me. I sat on top of him and used my egg vibrator and he wasn’t even interested. So much so that he asked me to stop. He didn’t even open his eyes while I grinded on top of him.

What the fuck kind of man is that? I’m horny as fucking hell, grinding all up in his shit and he doesn’t even have the courtesy to look at me!?

He is no man, but a child. That’s right, I married a fucking man child. Here I sit, writing to the people of the vast intar-web, with a quivering, yearning loin, and no satiety. That’s right, I am unsated, here me roar. What the fuck?

I just want to fuck my man and he just wants to fucking sleep.

Ass. What a fucking ass. Who says no to a woman who needs a deep dicking?

What the fuck?


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