Antici…. …pation!

In breaking news, moments ago, I discovered that my husband dislikes anticipation! That answers so many unasked questions! I find it mildly annoying that when I try to kiss him goodbye, and molest him on his way back to work that instead of relishing it and anticipating what may happen later, it bugs him to drive off with an erection in his pants.


That’s probably why he’s so terrible at making me anticipate anything. It’s always instant gratification. If I beg him to put his dick in me, he’ll do it, or hold out for a couple of minutes, but there’s no real anticipation.

Looks like we have something fun to aspire to in the bedroom, finally! Orgasm denial? Yes, please.

I never really believed all that crap about men hitting their sexual peak at 18 and women hitting it when they’re 30. However, enjoying my last year before I actually hit 30, there must be something to it, because I thought I was horny in high school. Turns out I didn’t know the meaning of the word. I get aroused so easily these days. As easily as a nipple flick, the movement of a beautiful body, the innocent smack of a bottom.

I am titillated to the edge of my seat, waiting for that one thing that will toss me over the edge. Working at Ye Old Sex Shoppe certainly doesn’t help! Or, maybe it does. I revel in the feeling of being on the edge of orgasm.

Is chronic horniness an affliction? My skin is on fire and I always want to grind. I don’t think that would be setting a good example for my kids though. Ha!

A bunch of us went to the strip club last night and had so much fun. Most of those girls look dead inside, however, there were a few last night that actually put on a great show. I love the swaying hips, the pole grinding and ass shaking. It makes me wish I had a penis. I often wonder what it would be like, being a man. Penetrating a woman, what being inside a vagina would feel like.


Alas, I must get ready for work. I will leave my thirst unslaked, in anticipation for later…


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