She wraps those hands around that pole, She licks those lips and off we go, She takes it off nice and slow, ‘Cause that’s PORNSTAR DANCIN’!

We took MadEye out last night for her birthday. What better way to celebrate a birthday than at the strip club?

She’d never been before, so that was entertaining enough on its own. I really love going to the strip club. I love watching the way their bodies move, all lithe and graceful and seductive.

It bothers me a bit that people seem to have such negative ideas about strip clubs, viewing the girls as dirty or less than respectable. These women work really hard to put on (most of the time) a really great show using their bodies. I wish their profession was not regarded as so seedy. These women are beautiful and  a lot of the time (definitely not always though) are quite intelligent.

Watching the girls dance is mesmerizing. With their swaying hips and grinding asses. It really is artistic to be able to move your body like that.

I was watching some of the gentlemen that were at the club, and I could almost picture their angry girlfriend’s at home. It made me sad to think that a woman would feel so insecure that she would be angry at her man for going to the strip club. It just seems silly. It’s just a really great show.

I certainly don’t view these women as objects, but as goddesses who use the art of their body to tell an erotic and sensual story. If only more people viewed them in this light. It might make their lives more vibrant. Maybe they would take more pride in their chosen profession instead of turning to drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms.

Last night, my Barefoot Goddess danced. I’ve seen her walking around the club in high heels, but when she dances, she does it barefoot. I admire and appreciate her for going outside the norm of ridiculously high heels. She’s wonderful to watch.

Another exotic beauty got up and stage and I joined her. I laid down, with a $5 bill wedged between my tightly packed tits and she grinded on me. I asked if I could touch her and she told me I could. I spanked her ass and caressed her curvy hips. She told me that she would never allow a man to do that, but because I had such amazing cleavage, she didn’t mind.

There was another girl who stuck matches to her nipples and lit them. That was neat, but what was really amazing was when she took a sparkler, inserted it into her vagina, and then lit it. That was pretty intense. We called her Firecracker for the rest of the night.

MadEye liked her so much that we pitched in for her to get a lap dance. She said she really loved it. It was a really great night.

When we got home, my husband and I fell into bed and passed out. At least, until a couple of hours later when I woke up to him eating me out! That was hot. I take it he’d been at it for a while because I was having a lovely dream about it. What a great and hilarious evening.


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