Christmas Wedding

My buddy is getting married on the 28th. He sent out the invitations today. Typical. He’s always been a fool, but this takes the cake.

Anyway, I’m happy for him. She’s older and possibly quite crazy and doesn’t really like me because she’s insanely jealous. Which makes me laugh because I take quite a lot of pride in being one of his only girl friends that he hasn’t slept with. He’s a giant pervy horn dog, and I love him to pieces.

He once paid for me to fly out and visit him when he lived across the country. He paid for everything because he knew I couldn’t afford it. We went for long drives through the mountains and went to a ridiculously expensive hotel restaurant and got smashed on amazing wine. We had a deep heart-to-heart that I can’t remember because I was so loaded.

I remember there were a lot of tears, and the waiters being understandably awkward. We had an amazing time. Then we went skinny dipping in the pacific ocean.

It was funny because he had his girlfriend (soon to be wife) who lived in the states at the time, and my husband (then-boyfriend) and I had just gotten back together before I left.

It was the closest…well, the second closest, we’ve ever been to getting it on. He was driving back from the restaurant, we were both drunk and he put his hand on my thigh. I moved it closer and started grinding on it. Then I stopped. Everything. I didn’t want to sleep with him. I felt like I was betraying the man I had just gotten back together with. (Even though he practically gave me his blessing to follow through with whatever plans I had because he didn’t want to interfere with my freedom.)

That was the closest we came to having sex, which wasn’t all that close. I’m glad though. We’re just friends and we’re better off for it. I’m happy for him. He deserves to be happy. This will be an interesting wedding because she doesn’t know what happened when I was visiting him, but she assumes we’ve had sex. And that infuriates her. It amuses me. This will be the first time I actually meet her.

I will go out of my way to ensure an incredibly awkward first meeting, that will culminate with her fucking the shit out of him later in the evening. It’ll be a good time…assuming I can book it off work! Thanks for the notice!


2 responses to “Christmas Wedding

  1. I’m an addict to your blog can’t believe I just found it a week ago but am in love with your writing!!! Ok and you tell..hehe. actually just in love with how carefree you are!!! So glad you posted something new!!!

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