Bitching Into The New Year

You know, my husband makes no sense.

He’s been ragging on me throughout this season that I keep fucking off and not spending time with the family. Obviously I feel bad about this and am trying to make it up to him. That is, until I realize that for the entire holiday season, I only fucked off for one afternoon and have not really been gone except to work.

Today Kurdles came over and we were going to go get coffee. Immediately my husband becomes upset because he never gets to go have coffee and I always leave him alone with the kids (to run errands, like doing the groceries) and when does he get his turn? Blah, blah, blah. Fine. You go run errands and make sure you bring us our coffee when you’re done.

I don’t even know how it escalated but we got into an argument in front of Kurdles (awkward!) He had just gotten out of the shower and I asked him if we could just go get our coffee and bring it back to the house, we’ll stay home with the kids and he can go out and have lunch with his friend and run the other errands. I have no problem with him spending an afternoon with his friend. I mean, he is on vacation.

No way. He’s going out and he’s going to go out now. He thinks I’ll take forever to get the coffee and under no circumstances will I be leaving the house to go anywhere because he’ll be taking the car.

He had made plans one day (the 27th) to go sledding with the kids. But he didn’t plan it until 11am and he wanted to go get breakfast first. By the time breakfast was done, it was close to 1pm, which is nap time for our son. I had forgotten that I had made plans with MadEye that day, so I told my husband that I didn’t think it was a good idea for our son to miss his nap. Christmas was hectic and we’d been putting him to bed at other people’s houses and waking him up too many times. My husband went on and on about how it wouldn’t matter if he missed one nap. I told him I wanted to go shopping with my friend and it would be better to do the sledding another day. He turned around and told me that I ruined the holidays and proceeded to stay mad at me for two days.

Who stays mad for two days!? Also, I didn’t give a shit. I was tired from the holidays and all the driving and I just wanted a break. I went shopping with my friend, we got her an awesome dress for the wedding (that I already posted about, here) and it was a fun, productive day. All the while, he’s silently seething at me.

(For the record, Christmas was great! I got an ereader and a really nice sweater, some stuff to organize my cupboards and some gift certificates!)

He keeps going on about how I keep fucking off and leaving him with the kids. I did that once, that day with my friend. Also, I ran some errands with Kurdles another day and we ended up doing groceries and some other mundane family stuff. That’s right, twice I’ve left him with the kids (and one of those times was to do groceries!) and that constitutes me fucking off and leaving him with the kids and ruining the holiday season.

You know what would make sense? If he had let us go get the coffee and bring it back to the house, and then gone out for the afternoon with his friend. Why can’t he just see that? Instead of being a baby princess about it. He literally left with the sole purpose of spiting me. I hope he feels better about himself because I don’t give a fuck. (I obviously do if I’m posting about it, but c’mon, it’s not wrecking my day!)

Sometimes I wish my husband kept a blog so I could see the inner workings of his mind. Maybe it would help us see from the other’s perspective. Maybe we wouldn’t fight so much.




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