The End is Nigh

How would you fuck, if you knew the end of the world was nigh? What if the world was going to end in exactly one hour?Who would you fuck?

If time and space were of no concern, and you could choose anyone to fuck in the next hour, who would it be? How would you fuck them? Would you fuck slow and languorously? Relishing every minute of your last hour? Or fast and furious, eager to get it done before the world ends? Would you choose someone that would otherwise find the encounter awkward or unsettling? It might be fun to choose someone who would find it awkward otherwise.

I would try to cum as the world ended. What a powerful way to end it all, with a great, big, bang of spasming muscles and a loud moan. La petite mort.

Who would I choose? Him. I would choose him. Our kisses would be tender and yielding and fierce with urgency. I would want to take my time to enjoy it, but I wouldn’t want to miss cumming at the end.

I would stroke his face, and look into his eyes, holding him close to me. His arms would encircle my waist and we’d stay like that for a while, looking into each other’s eyes, trying to fathom how it came to this. Our clothes would come off with a little awkward fumbling and laughter. We’d tumble to the bed, experiencing the newness of each other. Kisses long and deep.

I would put my hand on his chest, and rub the hair there. I’d want him to talk to me, tell me all the intense things he would be thinking about, no matter how inconsequential. I’d urge him to keep his thoughts, as I busy myself sucking his dick. I’d suck the intensity out of his brain while I play with his balls. He would be nervous and I would find it endearing, all the while sucking on his dick. I would want him to moan, and call out my name.

I would have him take me while I was on my back. We’d discuss the finer nuances of life as we thrust together, sweat beading on our skin. I’d make him hold me close, as the fear of the end of the world and our orgasms drew near. I’d whisper to him that I love him and that I’m sorry we never got the chance to see things work out between us. He’d lean close and nibble on my ear, breathing heavy and sucking on my neck. For once I wouldn’t be worried about who might see the dreaded hickey. We would be in the moment, fucking, sucking, licking.

He would tell me that I’m beautiful, and that he can’t wait to see the look on my face when I cum. He’d continue thrusting, getting us both close to the end. He’d lean back a bit and play with my nipple, watching me throw my head back, revelling in the pleasure of it all. I’d watch him smile, a secret smile that only lovers know, and I’d grind harder. Finally, I would look at him with sadness in my heart, knowing that this is the end for us. I would tell him that I love him, that I’ve always loved him, since before I even met him and that I’m glad we could be together in the end.

Then we would cum together. As cliche as the movies. We would cum in rolling waves and the world would blow up around us, tearing our love asunder.

The End.

How would you fuck, if  it was the end of the world?


4 responses to “The End is Nigh

  1. I Must know who is “him”!
    Love it!

    Would the person have to be attainable in our current life or could it be someone that you would never, ever see in real life?

      • I have a girlish fancy for a certain singer.

        But for the end of the world….I have someone in mind but let’s face it, it probably would be the worst sex on the planet. Definitely no fireworks or Armageddon explosions of passion.

        I’m stumped.

      • I find it ridiculous that you would anticipate it being passionless and awful. Why can’t you ever imagine it being awesome!? Write about how awesome you would want it to be!!! Write a post!!! DO IT!!

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