The Purge

I’m feeling restless. My skin is crawling with anticipation, but I don’t know what it is exactly, that I’m anticipating. 
The Zombie Apocalypse? Vampires? I wish. 

I’m hooked on the Vampire Diaries. It’s feeding that nostalgic, teen-angst-ridden, part of me that I thought I had grown out of. I’m so glad I’m back. I’m swooning over the main antagonist,  Damon Salvatore. And by swooning, I mean obsessed. 

This show is fuelling my obsession with romance and unrequited love. I believe that heartbreak is good for the soul. The show is very character driven, which adds to the intensity of the way I feel. 

I haven’t really felt like this in a while and truthfully, I’ve missed it. 

Hooray for obsession! 

I wish I would write more. I wish I didn’t wait so long to write between entries. I like the purge writing brings, the catharsis. I almost bought a new journal today. I have no money, and I definitely don’t need another journal. It was beautiful, leather-bound and expensive. I think of all the journals I’ve owned, and I’ve owned quite a few, I’ve only ever finished one. I have so many half-started journals that it seems like a waste to buy a new one. However, a new journal, to me, is like a new start. It represents a new beginning, with a new intention of journaling ever day. But I don’t. I’ll write a page or two, maybe seven or eight, and then I just…stop. 

I texted a friend and asked her what she thought. She told me I should keep going with this blog. And it’s true, I should. I hope I’ll keep going. Keep writing. Keep purging. 

It was a good call, and I didn’t end up buying the journal (that I couldn’t afford anyway).



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