A Sexy Story

This is a science fiction fantasy story that I wrote a couple of years ago. It’s been published on literotica.com. I thought I would share it on my blog too. Let me know what you think!

Coming Home From Work

John Walker loosened his tie in the late afternoon heat as droplets of sweat beaded and fell from his forehead. The briefcase in his hand seemed to get progressively heavier with each step he took. He could feel the sweat dripping down his back and sliding into his ass, and he shifted uncomfortably as he continued on his way home. Each step felt like it took an eternity as the sun bore down on his back.
John was cranky enough to begin with and the heat wasn’t helping his mood. His girlfriend had turned him down for sex again this morning before work. It had been more than three weeks and she hadn’t even glanced at his cock, let alone tried to touch it. It’s not like he didn’t try either, but she just whined that he was worse than a bitch in heat. It depressed him that she had such little interest in him sexually.

It also didn’t help that his barely eighteen year-old secretary wore practically see-through blouses with delving cleavage that she loved to show off as often as possible by leaning over his desk. Often he could catch a glimpse of her areola as it pooled out of her bra when she bent over. The office was air-conditioned as well, which meant that most of the time she walked around with her nipples jutting out. It drove him mad with frustration. Her ass was so incredibly tight that he could see almost every muscle in it move as she strutted around the office. He considered himself a normal, hot-blooded male and wanted nothing more than to shove her up against his desk, grind his hard cock up against her ass and show her just what those see-through blouses made him want to do to her. He wanted to grab her by her thick, brown hair, yank her head back, reach around with his other hand and slip his fingers up her snug skirt until he could force them into her tight, wet pussy.

Not that John would ever cheat on his girlfriend. He loved her very much, but he was really tired of using his hand. Fantasizing and chronic masturbating was his way of dealing with all the frustration.

John was relieved when he finally saw the path that lead to the shortcut through the woods. At least in the woods it would be a little cooler, and would offer some shade. And he knew that once there, he could get out a little of his sexual frustration.

On more than a few occasions, on his walks home from work, John would wander off into the bushes and masturbate. It helped him get out a lot of his sexual frustration and he used this time for a lot of fantasy play that he couldn’t really do when his girlfriend was around. She usually gave him hell for being so horny whenever she caught him masturbating. She was such a prig.

He also experienced a secret thrill knowing there could be anyone walking by on the path while he jerked himself off not too far away.

When John finally reached the woods, the relief from the heat was immediate and he was grateful. He removed his tie and slung it over the arm that held his suit jacket and brief case.

He walked for another fifteen minutes until he gauged that he was about half way between where he entered the path from work and where it ended at the other side on his street. John looked up and down the path to make sure there was no one nearby to see him, and then he veered right off the path and deeper into the woods.

Usually when John went into the woods to masturbate, he didn’t like to go too far from the path, as that was part of his thrill. He liked to hear people walking by, completely oblivious to the fact that he was there, touching himself.

Today however, John was particularly disgruntled, and just wanted to be alone. He walked much farther than he usually went. In fact, John walked so far he was sure that he was coming to the edge of the woods, when he came to a small clearing.

John sat with his back against a tree and set his brief case, jacket and tie on the ground beside him.

He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun on his face and the hard tree bark dig into the back of his skull.

John resumed his fantasy of taking his secretary up against his desk and fingering her until she was dripping wet. As his cock became hard and strained against his pants, which he refused to unzip. He rubbed himself over the material of his pants. He enjoyed teasing himself, getting himself so incredibly hard that he felt like his cock would explode if he didn’t touch it.


John started with an audible cry and opened his eyes.

On the other side of the clearing was, what appeared to be a young girl, no more than fifteen or sixteen. John stood up, painfully aware of the prominent swell of his erection and trying to hide it by turning slightly. The girl smiled deviously and started to move towards him.

“What are you doing?” He asked, alarmed. The last thing he needed was to get caught alone in the woods with some young cupcake that might cry statutory rape just to try and get a few bucks from him in a settlement.

She was incredibly beautiful though. She had long, curly auburn hair that fell in waves down her back. She also had big, innocent, doe eyes that never lost their connection with his as she continued to make her way towards him.

As she neared him, John realized that there was something wrong with the way she walked. It was stunted.

It wasn’t until she was right in front of him that John realized in awe that this was not a young girl but an older boy, probably in his early 20’s with a cock as big as a horse attached to a crotch that wasn’t human. This boy had goat legs and hooves, with the same sandy auburn hair on his head that gusted as softly as the grass in the clearing when the wind blew.

The goat hair ended just above his pubic area, leaving the top half of him completely human, with the most well defined body John had ever seen.

“Who are you?” John asked.

The goat boy didn’t answer him; he just kept smiling at John.

“You’re a faun,” John said.

The goat didn’t respond.

After what seemed like an eternity, the faun suddenly laughed, and waved his hand across John’s chest.

John felt a force lock his arms on either side of the tree behind him. He struggled and fought hard against the invisible restraints, to no avail. He was relieved that he could move his torso, distraught however, that he could not budge his arms. A surge of adrenaline flowed through him, unfortunately helping him maintain his hard-on, as panic began to set in.

The faun watched John struggle, his eyes moving up and down John, until they finally rested on the massive bulge of his pants.

He walked over to John and began to undo his pants. John struggled more, but it only helped the faun get his pants down quicker.

John felt ridiculous standing here with his pants around his ankles and his massively swollen cock on display for anyone to see. “Anyone,” being this particular creature.

The faun leaned into John and grabbed his cock fiercely. John almost screamed out in agony. Then he slowly began massaging John’s cock. His stroke was firm and almost painful. The faun pushed his leg, which also led up to his cock, into John, The more he stroked John, the more he grinded his huge horse cock into John’s thigh. The humiliation of the situation was bittersweet for John. He loved the feeling of having his dick so expertly handled, but felt guilty because he wasn’t gay.

He tried to rationalize to himself all the reasons why he shouldn’t be enjoying this but nothing was coming to mind. Then he began to rationalize why he might be enjoying it. He blamed it on his girlfriend for not putting out; he blamed it on his secretary for being such a goddamn tease. He blamed himself for being weak and having no self-control.

As the faun slowly rubbed his hand up and down John’s shaft, John moaned and thrust his hips forward to match the rhythm of faun’s hand. Christ, if he kept this up he was going to cum.

Suddenly the faun stopped grinding into John, released his cock, turned around and walked a couple of feet away.

“Wait!” John called out, “you can’t just leave me like this!”

The faun glanced back in John’s direction and giggled, then turned back and walked to the other side of the clearing and disappeared into the trees.

John struggled even harder to liberate his arms, panic starting to set in. He still couldn’t seem to escape. Just when he was on the verge of hysteria, John heard a struggle coming from the trees across the clearing and the faun returned. This time, as he moved towards John, he was dragging something on a rope behind him.

John heard muffled grunts, but he couldn’t see anything through the tall grass of the clearing as the faun dragged whatever he was carrying back to him.

When the faun finally reached him, he grabbed the person at the end of the rope and dragged her to her knees in front of him.

It was a little fairy girl. While her appearance was young, John saw the wisdom of age in here eyes. She looked 18-years old, but here eyes claimed her to be much, much older.

She had short spiky purple hair. Her eyes were bright green and pleading. Her lips were the palest shade of pink and her whole body glimmered in a sparkling iridescence.

Her hands were tied behind her back with the rope that the faun had used to drag her. The swell of her large breasts were perfectly rounded and barely held in place by a piece of ripped pink fabric. Her cleavage hung down in an adept show of perfect feminine exquisiteness.

There was another piece of the same ripped pink fabric that just barely covered the girl’s hips, thighs and ass.

John noticed that she had a pair of light purple and dark green wings, which reflected sunlight in small sparkling bursts that the fairy didn’t seem to be able to use.

Seeing this girl tied up with such accentuated cleavage and pleading eyes was almost more than John could bear. He knew his cock was as hard as it had ever been, and watching this girl struggle with her bonds, her elegant breasts swaying with each movement was making it worse.

The faun grabbed the fairy by the back of her spiky hair and she cried out. He turned her around so that her backside was facing John, at which point he grabbed her hip with one hand and shoved shoulder hard to the ground with his other.

There was nothing John could do but watch.

He watched as the torn pink fabric, which probably used to be a skirt, rode up the fairy’s hips to expose her taut, curvaceous ass and the little cleft of her pink vaginal lips swelling just underneath.

The faun watched John’s reaction and smiled. He leered at John while he commenced spanking her little pussy lips, hard. She squealed in what John tried to convince himself was pain. But he couldn’t be certain. The faun continued slapping her pussy lips until John could see moisture dripping from them.

The faun then took hold of his monster cock and rammed it unceremoniously into the fairy’s little pussy.

She gasped sharply, and then cried out as the faun began to thrust his hips aggressively into her tight wet slit. The faun grabbed onto her hips and pumped himself into her so deeply that John was sure he was impacting her uterus; that is, if fairies had uteri.

John was shocked at the severity in which the faun penetrated the fairy, but he soon realized that the fairy had stopped crying out and was now writhing and moaning.

The faun maintained a quick rhythm, pumping back and forth so fast and hard that John could hear the delicious squelching noise of the faun’s cock slipping in and out of her as his balls battered her pussy.

John was so aroused he didn’t realize that he was grinding his hips in tandem with the faun. He struggled vehemently to release himself from his bonds but still could not remove them.

John continued to watch as the faun removed his pussy-slimed cock from her slick crevice and drove it ferociously into her unyielding, puckered ass hole.

The fairy cried out, even louder this time, which practically sent John over the edge into orgasm as he continued to watch this crude display of debauchery.

Each jagged thrust from the faun into the fairy’s anus pushed her face harder into the soft earth beneath her. She seemed to bounce on her breasts as he shoved himself harder inside her.

Every part of John yearned to be free from his shackles, he wanted nothing more than to shove his cock into one of her wholes and debase her as much as the faun was.

He was sure that if either the faun or the fairy even looked at his painfully engorged cock, he would cum.

The faun stopped and turned to look at John. He smiled deviously as he pulled himself out of the fairy’s ass. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her up. She yelped.

He walked around to the other side of her head and shoved her backwards towards John. Her arms were still tied behind her back and the faun kept her head forcibly held low. He pushed her backward until her pussy was aligned with John’s cock and then he gave her one hard shove.

Even though the fairy had just been violated by the faun and his enormous cock, her pussy was still tight and encompassing.

John began to thrust his hips and again the fairy began moaning and gasping. John couldn’t believe it, this little fairy girl couldn’t get enough of the cock.

Not that he could have stopped it anyway, having his arms shackled behind the tree. John was sure he couldn’t last much longer, the tidal wave of his orgasm almost at its crest. The faun held the fairy girl’s head, and rammed his goat cock into her mouth.

Both the faun and John pumped their cocks into her, riding her like a w

Sweat began streaming down John’s face as he pummeled her as hard as he dared without scraping his back too hard against the rough bark of the tree. His mind was reeling and the faun just leered at him as he pumped, all the while facilitating this depredation.

John’s eyes rolled back in his head and just as he was about to blow his load deep into the nether regions of this little fairy girl, the faun pulled her off him.

“Please,” John begged, gasping for breath. “I need to finish.”

The faun threw the girl down to the ground. She rolled over onto her back, crumpling her beautiful wings, and opened her legs, wide. John could see the succulent liquid pouring out of her moistened crevice. It was clear but it glittered like the ocean on a hot sunny day.

The faun got down on his knees and brusquely buried his face in her quivering silky clam. She arched her back (not that difficult with her hands still tied behind her and braced on the ground to give her more leverage) and wailed a beautiful lament.

John watched as the faun feasted on the girl. She writhed and wailed and grinded her pussy harder onto the faun’s face, all the while keeping her half opened eyes on John.

John’s balls were aching and his cock was straining for any stimulation but nothing was forthcoming. He was tied up, probably against his will, and forced to watch the fairy girl being humiliated.

“Please,” he begged again, although he knew it was useless.

The girl’s moans became louder and more melodious, hypnotizing John. He felt his arms slacken, free of the bonds that held him so inflexibly.

John couldn’t move. He was held enthralled by the symphony of lust that radiated from the girl writhing on the ground.

The faun looked from the fairy girl back to John again and smiled.

Before John had time to think about what he was doing, he laid down on the ground. He knew the faun was controlling his movements, but he couldn’t stop him. John wasn’t even sure he wanted to stop the faun from controlling him.

The faun grabbed the fairy girl, her breasts mesmerizing as they swayed to and fro with the force of the faun’s fierce grasp. He shoved her over John, so she was straddling him. His mind had taken him to a place that was somnolent, so that these events were more like a dream than a harsh but erotic reality. The faun forced the fairy girl onto John’s painfully engorged cock. John gasped, rolling his head from side to side in the ecstasy of impaling her wet pussy.

Before John could really start enjoying the ride, the faun shoved the fairy forward so that she landed with her neck over John’s face and her breasts at his chin.

Then the faun grabbed her opulent ass and parted the fairy’s cheeks. He spit into his hand and rubbed it on his cock, stroking himself, and, without a moment’s hesitation, he shoved his cock into the fairy girl’s anus.

Both John and the fairy cried out, the fairy girl in a much more melodic inflection.

John felt her pussy tighten, making room for the giant horse-cock of the faun in her ass. The faun clutched her hips and started pummeling her ass fiercely.

“Oh, sweet Christ,” John sighed, as the fairy’s tits battered his face, her pussy holding tenaciously to his cock as she moved with the steady cadence of the faun battering her anus. He could feel the faun’s cock kneading his own through the thin sheath of skin that separated her pussy from her anus.

Suddenly, without any hint of warning, it all became too much for him. His eyes rolled back in his head and he felt a warm, coursing, energy draw up from his toes and from the top of his head, riding through his blood stream to culminate with a giant eruption from his cock. He cried out so loud he was certain that someone would come running to find him in this precarious situation.

No one came, except the faun.

John’s eyes were still closed when he heard the faun grunt, and felt the rhythmic pulse of the faun’s orgasm.

He felt the warm liquid of the faun’s essence drip from her ass onto his balls.

The fairy girl was still wailing out her magical, hypnotic song, keeping John pinned to the ground.

When John finally mustered the courage to open his eyes, he was alone.

He sat up abruptly, and looked around. His briefcase, jacket and tie were still beside the tree. His pants were around his ankles and his cock, now flaccid, glimmered with fairy sparkled cum.

John quickly stood up and pulled up his pants. He glanced around the clearing, looking for any hint of the faun or the fairy girl. There was nothing.

He picked up his things and walked as fast as he could back to path.

John walked quickly, wondering the whole way if what he had just experienced could possibly be real. No. No, it couldn’t possibly have been real, could it?

Just as John reached the road at then end of the path, he heard the fairy’s erotic lament coming from all around the woods. He turned around and stared down the path but didn’t see anything. The fairy girl’s singing faded slowly from his ears as he walked away from the woods and towards his house.


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