The Old Dramatis Personae

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Reading posts before September 18th, 2011 this is a list of the dramatis personae:

My Husband – The man I love with whom I share a life and am raising three children with.

1/3 – My oldest daughter, 8.
Bean – My younger daughter, 4.
3/3 – My 23-month-old son.

MadEye – My best friend, that I’ve known for almost 7 years. I love her to pieces because she’s incredibly generous and she always takes care of me. I hope I take as much care of her.

Ye Olde Sex Shoppe – My place of emplyoment.

THE COLLECTIVE (Currently Disbanded):

The Man Who Is Not My Husband – The man who is almost 6 years younger than me with whom I flirted shamelessly; until he moved across the country with nary a word of explanation.

Side-Show Bob – a self proclaimed asshole with whom I’ve become very close. I’ve told him many of my secrets and I trust that he’ll keep them. He’s endlessly amusing and I really value the friendship we’ve developed.

The Jolly Emo Giant – such a sweet guy, but plagued with so much Catholic guilt. He’s as big as a viking and as sweet as a teddy bear but he has emo fits that make me laugh. I probably should take him more seriously.


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